Commercial Colorbond Roofing is a unique combination of high-quality materials, durable performance and unbeatable value. Colorbond has been used since 1958 in Australia and was the first composite material to be manufactured with a high degree of precision, guaranteeing that it will meet life-long expectations from its customers.


1. Higher Protection

Colorbond is a metal roofing product that has been used to protect homes and businesses for decades. It's a high-quality, durable material that will last longer than most other types of roofing materials.

Colorbond metal roofs are fire resistant, UV resistant, and wind resistant as well as insect proof. They also have excellent resistance to corrosion which means they can withstand extreme weather conditions without the risk of damage or deterioration.

2. Impressive Durability

Colorbond roofing is a strong, lightweight PVC-coated steel alloy that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The colourbond roofing is protected from rust, rot, and corrosion by the same material used to make it.

Colorbond roofs are resistant to fire, heat, and impact damage too; they're also ideal for heavy snowfall or hail storms because they don't crack as traditional asphalt shingles do on impact.

The metal is also resistant to fire, heat, and impact damage. It's ideal for heavy snowfall or hail storms because it doesn't crack as traditional asphalt shingles do on impact.

3. Uncompromised Safety

Commercial buildings are constantly being built, but they also need maintenance. A commercial roof is one of the most important parts of any building's structure and needs to be maintained properly in order to ensure its longevity. Colorbond roofs are designed specifically for commercial use, ensuring that they will stand up against the test of time with minimal maintenance required over time.

Colorbond products have been tested by experts around the world for their safety credentials and durability as well as performance under various weather conditions including rain & snowfall, sun exposure & heat retention (both on hot days or cold nights). The steel used in Colorbond construction has been chosen based on its high tensile strength which makes it resistant to corrosion while also making it possible for steel colorants like red oxide pigments or green rust inhibitors added during the manufacturing process so no additional extra costs are involved here either!

4. Low Maintenance

Colorbond roofs are low maintenance, and easy to clean and repair. These types of roofs have an excellent lifespan and will last a long time.

They are also very energy efficient. They help to keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by regulating the air flow.

They are made of materials that are resistant to water penetration, which means that they do not leak. This makes them ideal for areas where there is a lot of rain or snow.

5. Enhanced Sustainability

Colorbond is made from recycled material, which means that it's a sustainable product. When Colorbond was first developed in the 1970s, they had no idea that it would become such an integral part of our lives. The coating on their roofs can be recycled at any time and then used again for another project or even sold at auction!

This is just one example of how Colorbond has changed over time to become more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective at the same time.

They have also been able to reduce their carbon footprint by using less energy in their manufacturing processes, which means that they can now produce more products with the same amount of power.

6. Environmental Friendly

Colorbond is made from recycled materials, which means it's a low-maintenance product. This makes it particularly good for environmentally friendly homes.

Colorbond is fire resistant, so you can rest assured that your roof won't be damaged by fires or other emergencies. If a fire does occur and your roof needs to be replaced, Colorbond will cost less than other types of timber roofs due to its lower maintenance requirements (see below).

Colorbond also has lower energy consumption because it's not exposed to direct sunlight like traditional wood products are—and since this type of wood doesn't need much protection from weathering elements, there's no need for expensive maintenance fees either!

7. Energy Efficient

Colorbond roofing is a sustainable material. It’s made from recycled materials, including post-consumer waste and municipal waste. This means that you can use your colorbond roofing for many years without having to worry about the environment or your budget.

Colorbond also has a high thermal resistance, which means it will keep out heat in summer and cold in winter. In addition to this, it is an excellent choice for those who live in cooler climates because of its low maintenance costs compared to other types of roofs like slate or tile tiles

8. Colorbond Roofing is Cost Effective

Colorbond Roofing is Cost Effective

Colorbond roofing is one of the most cost-effective types of roofing available. It's long-lasting, easy to install, and has low maintenance requirements. Colorbond roofs can be recycled!

The beauty of this material is that it doesn't require painting or staining as often as some other materials do. This means that you won't need to spend extra money on maintenance or repainting your home every few years either!

The cost of a Colorbond roof depends on its size and whether it's installed on an existing or new home. A new home with a Colorbond roof can cost upwards of $5,000 while an upgrade to Colorbond for an existing home can be much less expensive, between $1,500 and $6,000 depending on the size of your roof.

9. Colorbond roofs are available in different styles and colors.

Colorbond is a brand name that describes a type of corrugated steel sheet. It is made from recycled materials, including recovered oil and gas pipelines, old mining equipment, or another industrial scrap.

Colorbond roofs are available in different styles and colors. This makes it easier to find the right color for your house or business building replacement project!

The most popular colorbond roofing is the Colorbond® brand. This is a corrugated steel sheet that is made from recycled materials, including old mining equipment, pipelines, or another industrial scrap. It’s available in a range of styles and colors and has been used on homes and businesses for many years.

10. Colorbond roofing comes with a lot of benefits for your commercial property.

Colorbond roofing is available in a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes. The choice is yours!

If you are looking for a colorbond roof that will complement your commercial property, we have some great options for you.

We have a large range of colors, styles, and finishes that are sure to suit your needs. We also manufacture a variety of colors and styles so you can be sure we’ll have one that suits your property perfectly.


There is a lot to learn about commercial roofing, but one thing is for sure: Colorbond roofing is here to stay. It may not be the first choice for every building project, but it’s certainly a wise investment for any business or property owner who wants their property protected from the elements and looking good at the same time. Duravex is one of the finest provider of commercial roofing, For more information Quote now!